SEC football email 2022

Reach New and Existing Clients

The SEC Email campaign has become a staple for savvy agents who want to stay top of mind with new and existing clients. We manage it all so you can focus on responding to new business.

15 emails over 15 weeks for $150!

Hey! We’re glad you’re here and interested in connecting with existing and potential clients around a subject that everyone seems pretty passionate about in the Southeast…SEC Football!

To see an example of last year’s email CLICK HERE. Note, this is an image so nothing will be clickable. Your email, of course, will be.

We just need a few pieces of information to get started. Most importantly you will need:

1. A MailChimp Account (sign up for a Free Account)

2. An Email List (just about any format)

We’ll walk you through the rest below. If you don’t have all the items ready yet, go ahead and complete the form anyway and we’ll help you get everything in order.

2022 SEC Email Intake