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WordPress Support Plans

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Schedule a Discovery Call. This 15-30 min call will help us understand your situation and which of our WordPress website support services are the right fit for your business.


Walk me through the basics. How do I get started with a website?

First, we’re always glad to talk with you about where to get started as there are several possibilities depending on your current needs. That said, for a website you need a domain name (like NameCheap.com), you need hosting (like Pressable.com or if you want full-service support too, WP Site Mason), you need a content management system (like WordPress), and you need a design and content (also WP Site Mason).

Can you help me edit and/or customize my existing WordPress site?

Yes! We love doing that in fact. Often, edits and customizations are simpler than people think. It’s best to call us or shoot us an email with what you think you need. Then we can best advise how to proceed. You may need a one-time solution or discover that you’ll need ongoing support. We’re good with either.

What do you mean by "emergency fix"?
An emergency issue on your site requires an emergency fix. An emergency is anything that hinders the normal functioning of your website or otherwise interferes with your business. All of our WordPress Support Plans cover these kinds of fixes whether you unintentionally caused the issue or something beyond your control happened. Of course we can jump in and provide one-time emergency fixes as well.
What's the procedure if my WordPress site gets hacked?
Well, first, the way our hosting and support system is set up, that’s very unlikely. We’re always monitoring threats to your site. But, should something out of the ordinary happen and your site get hacked, the easiest solution is usually to restore an “unhacked” backup of your site. Since we make daily redundant backups, we can restore your site within minutes. Then we can take steps to prevent the hack from occurring again. All of our WordPress support plans provide this service. Of course, if we need to manually remove the hack, we can do that too.
Can you make my website load faster?
Yes and yes. What we mean is there are two approaches to that. If your site is hosted somewhere else, there are some adjustments we can make to WordPress that will definitely make it load faster. If your site is hosted with us, then it’s already optimized to load fast.
Do you really offer FREE WordPress hosting? What's the catch?
Yes, yes we do. Here’s the deal. We offer free hosting for every site we support through one of our support plans.

We want to incentivize our support clients to host with us by offering free WordPress hosting for one simple reason: If your site is hosted on our servers, we can offer better support. That’s the only reason and we guess the “catch” you’re looking for.

Not all of our support clients host with us but most do.

We do not offer standalone hosting without a support plan. If you just want WordPress hosting with no support, we recommend SiteGround.com.